Source code for pytransform3d.plot_utils._layout

"""Layout utilities for matplotlib."""
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.ticker import MaxNLocator

[docs]def make_3d_axis(ax_s, pos=111, unit=None, n_ticks=5): """Generate new 3D axis. Parameters ---------- ax_s : float, optional (default: 1) Scaling of the new matplotlib 3d axis pos : int, optional (default: 111) Position indicator (nrows, ncols, plot_number) unit : str, optional (default: None) Unit of axes. For example, 'm', 'cm', 'km', ... The unit will be shown in the axis label, for example, as 'X [m]'. n_ticks : int, optional (default: 5) Number of ticks on each axis Returns ------- ax : Matplotlib 3d axis New axis """ try: ax = plt.subplot(pos, projection="3d", aspect="equal") except NotImplementedError: # HACK: workaround for bug in new matplotlib versions (ca. 3.02): # "It is not currently possible to manually set the aspect" ax = plt.subplot(pos, projection="3d") if unit is None: xlabel = "X" ylabel = "Y" zlabel = "Z" else: xlabel = "X [%s]" % unit ylabel = "Y [%s]" % unit zlabel = "Z [%s]" % unit plt.setp( ax, xlim=(-ax_s, ax_s), ylim=(-ax_s, ax_s), zlim=(-ax_s, ax_s), xlabel=xlabel, ylabel=ylabel, zlabel=zlabel) ax.xaxis.set_major_locator(MaxNLocator(n_ticks)) ax.yaxis.set_major_locator(MaxNLocator(n_ticks)) ax.zaxis.set_major_locator(MaxNLocator(n_ticks)) ax.w_xaxis.pane.set_color("white") ax.w_yaxis.pane.set_color("white") ax.w_zaxis.pane.set_color("white") return ax
[docs]def remove_frame(ax, left=0.0, bottom=0.0, right=1.0, top=1.0): """Remove axis and scale bbox. Parameters ---------- ax : Matplotlib 3d axis Axis from which we remove the frame left : float, optional (default: 0) Position of left border (between 0 and 1) bottom : float, optional (default: 0) Position of bottom border (between 0 and 1) right : float, optional (default: 1) Position of right border (between 0 and 1) top : float, optional (default: 1) Position of top border (between 0 and 1) """ ax.axis("off") plt.subplots_adjust(left=left, bottom=bottom, right=right, top=top)