Visualize Mesh

This example shows how to load an STL mesh. This example must be run from within the main folder because it uses a hard-coded path to the STL file. Press ‘H’ to print the viewer’s help message to stdout.

vis mesh

import os
import numpy as np
from pytransform3d import visualizer as pv

BASE_DIR = "test/test_data/"
data_dir = BASE_DIR
search_path = "."
while (not os.path.exists(data_dir) and
       os.path.dirname(search_path) != "pytransform3d"):
    search_path = os.path.join(search_path, "..")
    data_dir = os.path.join(search_path, BASE_DIR)

fig = pv.figure()
fig.plot_mesh(filename=os.path.join(data_dir, "scan.stl"), s=np.ones(3))
fig.plot_transform(A2B=np.eye(4), s=0.3)
if "__file__" in globals():

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