pytransform3d.transformations.screw_axis_from_screw_parameters(q, s_axis, h)[source]

Compute screw axis representation from screw parameters.

qarray-like, shape (3,)

Vector to a point on the screw axis

s_axisarray-like, shape (3,)

Direction vector of the screw axis


Pitch of the screw. The pitch is the ratio of translation and rotation of the screw axis. Infinite pitch indicates pure translation.

screw_axisarray, shape (6,)

Screw axis described by 6 values (omega_1, omega_2, omega_3, v_1, v_2, v_3), where the first 3 components are related to rotation and the last 3 components are related to translation.

Examples using pytransform3d.transformations.screw_axis_from_screw_parameters