pytransform3d.transformations.plot_screw(ax=None, q=array([0., 0., 0.]), s_axis=array([1., 0., 0.]), h=1.0, theta=1.0, A2B=None, s=1.0, ax_s=1, alpha=1.0, **kwargs)[source]

Plot transformation about and along screw axis.

axMatplotlib 3d axis, optional (default: None)

If the axis is None, a new 3d axis will be created

qarray-like, shape (3,), optional (default: [0, 0, 0])

Vector to a point on the screw axis

s_axisarray-like, shape (3,), optional (default: [1, 0, 0])

Direction vector of the screw axis

hfloat, optional (default: 1)

Pitch of the screw. The pitch is the ratio of translation and rotation of the screw axis. Infinite pitch indicates pure translation.

thetafloat, optional (default: 1)

Rotation angle. h * theta is the translation.

A2Barray-like, shape (4, 4), optional (default: I)

Origin of the screw

sfloat, optional (default: 1)

Scaling of the axis and angle that will be drawn

ax_sfloat, optional (default: 1)

Scaling of the new matplotlib 3d axis

alphafloat, optional (default: 1)

Alpha channel of plotted lines

kwargsdict, optional (default: {})

Additional arguments for the plotting functions, e.g. color

axMatplotlib 3d axis

New or old axis

Examples using pytransform3d.transformations.plot_screw