Quaternion conjugate of dual quaternion.

There are three different conjugates for dual quaternions. The one that we use here converts (pw, px, py, pz, qw, qx, qy, qz) to (pw, -px, -py, -pz, qw, -qx, -qy, -qz). It is the quaternion conjugate applied to each of the two quaternions.

For unit dual quaternions that represent transformations, this function is equivalent to the inverse of the corresponding transformation matrix.

dqarray-like, shape (8,)

Unit dual quaternion to represent transform: (pw, px, py, pz, qw, qx, qy, qz)

dq_q_conjugatearray-like, shape (8,)

Conjugate of dual quaternion: (pw, -px, -py, -pz, qw, -qx, -qy, -qz)

Examples using pytransform3d.transformations.dq_q_conj