pytransform3d.transformations.concat(A2B, B2C, strict_check=True, check=True)[source]

Concatenate transformations.

We use the extrinsic convention, which means that B2C is left-multiplied to A2B.

A2Barray-like, shape (4, 4)

Transform from frame A to frame B

B2Carray-like, shape (4, 4)

Transform from frame B to frame C

strict_checkbool, optional (default: True)

Raise a ValueError if the transformation matrix is not numerically close enough to a real transformation matrix. Otherwise we print a warning.

checkbool, optional (default: True)

Check if transformation matrices are valid

A2Carray-like, shape (4, 4)

Transform from frame A to frame C

Examples using pytransform3d.transformations.concat