pytransform3d.trajectories.plot_trajectory(ax=None, P=None, normalize_quaternions=True, show_direction=True, n_frames=10, s=1.0, ax_s=1, **kwargs)[source]

Plot pose trajectory.

axMatplotlib 3d axis, optional (default: None)

If the axis is None, a new 3d axis will be created

Parray-like, shape (n_steps, 7), optional (default: None)

Sequence of poses represented by positions and quaternions in the order (x, y, z, w, vx, vy, vz) for each step

normalize_quaternionsbool, optional (default: True)

Normalize quaternions before plotting

show_directionbool, optional (default: True)

Plot an arrow to indicate the direction of the trajectory

n_framesint, optional (default: 10)

Number of frames that should be plotted to indicate the rotation

sfloat, optional (default: 1)

Scaling of the frames that will be drawn

ax_sfloat, optional (default: 1)

Scaling of the new matplotlib 3d axis

kwargsdict, optional (default: {})

Additional arguments for the plotting functions, e.g. alpha

axMatplotlib 3d axis

New or old axis


If trajectory does not contain any elements.

Examples using pytransform3d.trajectories.plot_trajectory