pytransform3d.rotations.geometric_product(a, b)[source]

Geometric product of two vectors.

The geometric product consists of the symmetric inner / dot product and the antisymmetric outer product of two vectors.

ab = a \cdot b + a \wedge b

The inner product contains the cosine and the outer product contains the sine of the angle of rotation from a to b.

aarray-like, shape (3,)

Vector: (x, y, z)

barray-like, shape (3,)

Vector: (x, y, z)

abarray, shape (4,)

A multivector (a, b_yz, b_zx, b_xy) composed of scalar and bivector (b_yz, b_zx, b_xy) that form the geometric product of vectors a and b.

Examples using pytransform3d.rotations.geometric_product