pytransform3d.rotations.concatenate_rotors(rotor1, rotor2)[source]

Concatenate rotors.

Suppose we want to apply two extrinsic rotations given by rotors R1 and R2 to a vector v. We can either apply R2 to v and then R1 to the result or we can concatenate R1 and R2 and apply the result to v.

rotor1array-like, shape (4,)

Rotor: (a, b_yz, b_zx, b_xy)

rotor2array-like, shape (4,)

Rotor: (a, b_yz, b_zx, b_xy)

rotorarray, shape (4,)

rotor1 applied to rotor2: (a, b_yz, b_zx, b_xy)

Examples using pytransform3d.rotations.concatenate_rotors