pytransform3d.batch_rotations.matrices_from_compact_axis_angles(A=None, axes=None, angles=None, out=None)[source]

Compute rotation matrices from compact axis-angle representations.

This is called exponential map or Rodrigues’ formula.

This typically results in an active rotation matrix.

Aarray-like, shape (…, 3)

Axes of rotation and rotation angles in compact representation: angle * (x, y, z)

axesarray, shape (…, 3)

If the unit axes of rotation have been precomputed, you can pass them here.

anglesarray, shape (…)

If the angles have been precomputed, you can pass them here.

outarray, shape (…, 3, 3), optional (default: new array)

Output array to which we write the result

Rsarray, shape (…, 3, 3)

Rotation matrices

Examples using pytransform3d.batch_rotations.matrices_from_compact_axis_angles