pytransform3d.batch_rotations.batch_concatenate_quaternions(Q1, Q2, out=None)[source]

Concatenate two batches of quaternions.

We use Hamilton’s quaternion multiplication.

Suppose we want to apply two extrinsic rotations given by quaternions q1 and q2 to a vector v. We can either apply q2 to v and then q1 to the result or we can concatenate q1 and q2 and apply the result to v.

Q1array-like, shape (…, 4)

First batch of quaternions

Q2array-like, shape (…, 4)

Second batch of quaternions

outarray, shape (…, 4), optional (default: new array)

Output array to which we write the result

Q12array, shape (…, 4)

Batch of quaternions that represents the concatenated rotations


If the input dimensions are incorrect

Examples using pytransform3d.batch_rotations.batch_concatenate_quaternions